Blog is a funny word, right? Blog… It sounds like something you’d name an orc from Lord of the Rings. Or some sort of weird fish, like, “Look! I caught a Red-finned blog!” Anyways, we wanted to set up a space where we could share our team’s expertise in the form of various articles on a wide array of subjects related to the world of amazing packaging and print materials. Hopefully, some of our content can help you on your own print or packaging journey! Also, apologies if it’s what you were looking for, but we don’t actually have any Lord of the Rings or Fishing content. 

6 Amazing Examples of Cannabis Packaging

In any industry, containers and packaging play a surprisingly integral role in a brand’s success. That said, there are industries where outward facing packaging can be especially important, namely when the marketplace is relatively young, when consumers are looking to form new brand loyalties, and when folks are still learning

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Cannabis Packaging Design Trends in 2021

As the budding cannabis industry continues to evolve, so does its packaging design. In the early days of legalized recreational use, cannabis brands were quick to embrace cannabis packaging designs covered in psychedelic images of marijuana leaves and smiley faces. At the time, the “street style” trend for a recently

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Getting the Most Out of Your Packaging Supplier

Businesses need to ensure that their packaging supplier is able to fulfill their each and every need. As our sister company Case Paper describes it, packaging suppliers need to be “On the Case,” with off-the-shelf materials that brands need at a moment’s notice, but also with more inventive enhancements that

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Holographic Packaging

5 Creative Holographic Packaging Designs

Packaging has to protect products, but it also has to sell them. Seems like a tall task for a bit of paperboard, right? That’s why designers have to get creative. Sometimes, creativity looks like innovative folding or cutting techniques, other times it can be achieved through methods like lenticular printing

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