Looking for a plastic-free way to shine? Look no further! Our transfer metallized laminates have a bright metallic finish whose character is dependent on the base material and are made of a metallic layer and a sustainable, water-based adhesive. Here’s a fun fact: The metallic layer for this laminate is less than 0.1 micron thick. For reference, the Empire State Building is roughly 4,431,792,000 microns tall. That’s a lot of microns.


‘Sustainable Silver’ has a nice ring to it, right? Well, regardless of what we call ‘em, our silver transfer metallized laminates are gold-medal quality. They’ll provide a bright shine and serve as a high-quality, sustainable packaging solution.


Shiny? Check. Rainbow? Check. Various patterns? Check. Our holographic transfer metallized prints give your product or packaging tremendous visual impact, and are sustainably produced and plastic-free.


We wouldn’t hurt a ply (but will make great multi-ply substrates!).