Looking for a plastic-free and fully recyclable way to shine? Look no further! Our LuMet® transfer metallized laminate process offer a bright metallic finish whose character is dependent on the base material and are made of a metallic layer and a sustainable, water-based adhesive. Here’s a fun fact: The metallic layer for this laminate is less than 0.1 micron thick. For reference, the Empire State Building is roughly 4,431,792,000 microns tall. That’s a lot of microns.


LuMet® is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional aluminum foil and film laminates. Certified as fully recyclable from Western Michigan University, our transfer metallized process was designed & engineered for sustainability without sacrificing performance or appearance. In fact, the absence of film allows for better yields for printers AND reductions in shipping costs. Not to mention, it’s environmentally responsible and can help improve your carbon footprint!


‘Sustainable Silver’ has a nice ring to it, right? Well, regardless of what we call ‘em, our LuMet® silver transfer metallized laminate process will provide you with gold-medal quality. They’ll provide a bright shine and serve as a high-quality, sustainable packaging solution.


Shiny? Check. Rainbow? Check. Various patterns? Check. Our LuMet® transfer metallized process can come in a wide variety of holographic options. They’ll give your print project or packaging tremendous visual impact, and are sustainably produced, plastic-free, and fully recyclable.


We wouldn’t hurt a ply (but will make great multi-ply substrates!).