Here’s where we keep our super-secret, special products! Well, we think all of our products are special, but sometimes a laminate doesn’t fit into a product category as well as it sticks onto a substrate. Learn more below!


This laminate allows for a rainbow or multicolor appearance without the use of metallization. It’s great for applications that need high impact, but simply can’t use metal, such as microwaveable products or RFID-embedded packaging. And if your band is looking for a new name, “Dichroic Effect” sounds kinda cool, right? Feel free to use it!


These laminates utilize a high-refractive film, which is vacuum metallized with zinc sulfide to create a translucent or pearlescent effect. Wow—think what you could do with those words in Scrabble! This process gives substrates a gorgeous, luxurious pearly surface, in both rainbow and a wide range of holographic patterns.


Maybe your paperboard is at a point in life where it wants a new look. It could dye its hair, invest in some expensive custom sneakers and buy a new sports car…or it just could throw on a 2D texture film—like wood grain or linen—to gain a whole new visual identity without affecting printability.

Soft Touch Specialty Product


Relax, take a deep breath, close your eyes and picture… Wait, don’t close your eyes—you won’t be able to read this! Instead, imagine sitting in a late-night jazz joint, sipping a cool beverage, and listening to a sweet, tenor sax solo. This laminate feels like that. With our soft touch film, we can give any substrate a velvet-smooth makeover, perfect for high-end, luxury packaging.


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