Our team has been laminating and coating substrates for over 15 years, but in 2020, our laminating and coating expertise (and our portfolio of inventive projects) caught the eye of Case Paper, a 80-year-old (and counting) paper merchant and converter. What followed is a tale as old as time: paper company meets laminate company, paper company and laminate company start talking about their shared interests (mostly paper and paperboard…), paper company acquires laminate company. Ah, romance!

But our tale is more than just a classic love story between two companies, it’s also a story about our undying commitment to making our clients’ (paper- and board-based) visions into reality. Whether it’s sparkling silver packaging with great folding capabilities, rainbow branded playing cards, or even just a 50-foot-long piece of patterned gold paper—we’ve got the products and capabilities to make it happen.

So, to answer the question of who we are, we like to cite Aristotle’s view on identity: “We are what we repeatedly do.” What we do is create and apply breathtaking laminations and coatings for your paper and board projects. In short, we make amazing. Plus, if you need help with sourcing the best-possible paper or paperboard for your project, our parent company can help!

Case Paper and Case Makes


There’s no “I” in team! Or Case Makes, as it turns out…


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