At Case Makes, we’re committed to testing. Whether it’s the SAT, the ACT, an IQ test, or the bar exam, we’re committed to it. Mostly, though, we run extensive tests to ensure our offerings are top-quality.

We subject our laminates to a wide range of assessments, testing every single master roll that comes through our machinery, reviewing the product with you (the customer!) for approval, and issuing a Certificate of Analysis with all the test details. Thanks to this process, you can count on consistency from order to order, backed by the highest quality control in the biz. Tests include Surface Tension testing for printability, PPS testing for raw substrate smoothness, Spectrophotometer tests for color matching… You know what? Maybe it’s easier if we just list them below. Got questions? Contact us!


  • Surface Tension (Dyne Level)
  • Parker Print Surf
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Moisture
  • Bond Strength
  • Basis Weight measurement
  • Caliper verification (Micrometer)
  • Scoring/Foldability
  • UV DrawDown
  • Pyramid Bond
  • Coat Weight
  • Brightness