Surprise math quiz! If David has 24 people coming to his birthday and wants to provide 13 apples for each of them, how many—just kidding, this isn’t that type of “multiply.” Plus, who eats apples at a birthday party? C’mon, David!

Anyway, our multi-ply capabilities mean we laminate a fiber-based product with something else. What do we mean by “something else”? More on that below.


Sometimes you want your paperboard cold-cut thin, and sometimes you want your paper filet-mignon thick. And sometimes you want a thin slice of prosciutto, a medium-thick slice of pastrami, and a thick filet mignon, sandwiched between a thin slice of rye and thick piece of sourdough. Well, that last one’s a little weird, but whatever substrate thickness you require, from 70# to 2x 20pt, we can laminate paper and board of any weight to make it happen. Order up!


If you’re a heavy metal fan—that is, you’re looking for higher caliper sheets with a bright, plastic-free metallic finish—then this is the multi-ply offering you’re looking for! Then again, if you want lightweight, this works, too. Metallized Multi-Ply makes possible a wide range of substrate pairings with an attractive, metallic finish.


Does this sound familiar? You’re in a high-stakes poker tournament in Montenegro, playing against a global supervillain in an attempt to thwart his plans for world domination by winning, when one of his henchmen spots your pair of aces because the cards are slightly transparent. No? Chances are, that’s thanks to our Bloclite process. Bloclite uses a black, opaque adhesive to prevent light from passing through substrates, which is perfect for things like playing and trading cards, POP displays, in-store signage, and, of course, thwarting supervillains.


You’re special, and deserve a look at our specialty products!