From wrapping up last night’s leftovers to making hats that prevent aliens from reading your mind, aluminum foil is an extremely versatile material. So it should come as no surprise that aluminum foil is a key player in the laminates and coatings business. Learn more about how our aluminum-laminated substrates can lend both function and style to your project.


Though it adds heat- and moisture-resistance to nearly any substrate, aluminum foil lamination can also be the secret sauce on your substrate sandwich! The foil provides a muted metallic finish with a varying level of reflectivity based on what the job requires. Plus, this plastic-free lamination responds extremely well to embossing, allowing for further customization.


While paperboard substrates are defenseless against many environmental conditions, these laminates can foil nearly any threat. Puns aside, our foil laminates have extremely high dead fold characteristics—meaning that they’ll stay folded, rather than springing back, are effective heat and moisture barriers, and can be lacquered for overprintability. These laminates are also FDA compliant for direct food contact, and because they are film-free, they can be torn when required (perfect for wrapping paper!).


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