We love laminates and coatings because we love to help make amazing things. But our commitment to amazing extends beyond substrates to the world we all inhabit. That’s why Case Makes has a complete waste stream management system with recycling capabilities for 14 types of material. Additionally, our plastic-free offerings provide sustainable options for customers, and all of our adhesives and lacquers are water-based (with a few even approved for direct contact with food). We put quite a lot of effort into sustainability, and as a result are proudly FSC, SFI, and PEFC certified.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there, because taking care of the world also means taking care of people. At Case Makes, we support causes that are meaningful to our team members, customers, and community, with donations, drive organizing, and charity event sponsorships.

If you’d like to learn more about the foundations, organizations, and causes we’ve worked with, or about our sustainability efforts, just give us a shout! When we promise that Case Makes amazing, we don’t just mean amazing laminates and coatings—we believe everyone has a role to play in making the world amazing, and we’re working hard to live up to that belief.