Welcome to the temporary website for Case Makes, your source for laminates, coatings and unicorns.

Okay, maybe not real unicorns because, well, they were never real. But what is real is our commitment to helping you create unimaginably unique packaging and brand identity…So that’s kind of like a unicorn.

While you’re waiting for the new site, here are some fun facts:

  • Case Makes is the coolest subsidiary of Case Paper, the 76-year-old paper merchants.
  • We’re a former division of API Americas, Inc., a company with 100+ years of experience in decorative packaging and brand enhancement.
  • We’ve got 15 years of laminating experience, 2 laminators, 2 sheeters, 1 slitter/rewinder, and 1 guillotine.
  • Our team has 27 stalwart employees and 1 pretty OK one (just kidding, they’re all amazing!).
  • We’ve laminated close to 1 billion feet—toes and all!
  • Sorry, quick correction: that’s actually 1 billion feet of paper, which makes way more sense.
  • Snails can hibernate for up to 3 years. (Irrelevant, but wild!)
  • Many decades ago, our plot was home to a shoe manufacturing plant. Some say that on a quiet night, you can still hear the groans of lost soles.

If you don’t want to wait:

Call us at (812) 747-9118
Email us at Service@casemakes.com
Visit us at 604 Railroad Ave. Osgood, IN 47037