Packaging Design Inspiration for Your Next Project

When it comes to branding, packaging matters. Amazing packaging designs play a critical role in increasing brand awareness and loyalty—especially when that packaging tells the story of the product inside. It immediately attunes potential customers to the brand’s qualities and values, and it helps them remember the brand in the shop or e-commerce site.

Brands looking to up their packaging game should start by looking at what’s already out there. When looking for packaging design ideas, consider current packaging trends in the market as well as innovative examples of creative packaging. In this article, we’ve curated a list of product packaging ideas to inspire your next design.

Courtesy of Crazy Service & Packaging of the World


In Belarus, electrical company CS has transformed the everyday lightbulb with its packaging design. Each box displays a different insect, with a window for the bottom of each bug showcasing the lightbulb inside.

The paper carton’s cutouts show the dragonfly with a tube light, the bee a spiral, and the beetle a basic round bulb. Unique packaging like this is sure to get people buzzing, especially in markets where fresh packaging design is not so common.

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Courtesy of Nike & Dieline


Many established brands get extra creative when packaging limited edition releases. While Nike’s check marked, solid orange retail boxes are an icon on retail shelves, its limited-edition packaging is a collector’s item in itself.

The packaging for the Nike Air Vapormax’s global launch, for example, pushes the boundaries of fashion with a 23-sided box covered in a rainbow holographic foil. There’s definitely something to be said for using special brand packaging every now and then to compliment a brand’s classic package design and get people talking.

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Courtesy of Motion Nutrition


Bright, bold color in packaging is a great way to stand out, especially when it comes to CPG packaging. Take Motion Nutrition’s sports supplement packaging. Much of nutritional supplement packaging is cluttered, but Motion’s protein powder boxes show off a design as clean and energizing as the organic, vegan powder inside.

Each flavor has its own color combo, with the geometric patterns of the logo creating unique color transparency effects. These boxes are also 100% plastic-free—using vegetable-based inks, paper-based packaging, and biodegradable grab-and-go sachets.

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Courtesy of VYVYD & Dieline


A consistent brand message is any business’ best friend, so consistent packaging design is important for brands that sell a wide range of products. VYVYD, a Korean cosmetics brand, showcases the vivid, artistic style of Seoul in all of its packaging.

From eyeshadow palette to highlighter to lip gloss, all products are branded with bold stripes of color on the outer packaging, and with a lenticular surface on the makeup containers. Even the eyeshadow powder is ribbed, bringing all of the branding together via a single motif.  

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