Here’s what we can do (at least, in terms of laminates & coatings)

At the most basic level, we put some other stuff on your paper or paperboard to change it. But, that’s a pretty vast oversimplification. It’s like saying, “That Picasso guy just kinda put some colorful goo on a square.”

And, sure—maybe comparing ourselves to Picasso is a bit much, but we really take pride in our creativity when it comes to laminating and coating! We have the capabilities to put all kinds of amazing, layered and coated substrates into your hands. Or your customers’ hands. Whomever’s hands, really.


Is your substrate a little chilly? Give it a coat!

A subtle coating can not-so-subtly change your substrate. In fact, it can completely transform the look, feel, and function (for the better!). Our R&D team is always testing new coatings to enhance your substrates, whether it’s grease resistant coatings for a pizza box, or anti-microbial coatings to ward off bacteria. On top of those more science-y (is that a word? Let’s pretend it is.) options, we also offer rotogravure printing and an array of patterned, pearlescent, colored, and metallic coatings.


Welcome to lamination nation!

Usually, when people hear lamination, they think of someone in an office coating a piece of paper in clear plastic. While that definitely is lamination, it goes much further. Our laminates can range from rainbow holographic layers, to metallic gold, to cool patterns. They can enhance visual impact (in other words, make substrates look really, really cool), or add utility in the form of moisture resistance, heat resistance, tear protection, and more—oftentimes they can even do both. Plus, our strict layflat management procedures ensure that common issues in laminating, like curling, rippling, or wrinkling, are a thing of the past.


Paint with all the colors of the wind (or just one or two—your call!)

If the wind can have colors, surely laminates and coatings can too. And while color is a powerful signal, companies often have a tough time ensuring color consistency across branded materials, thanks to inconsistent color spaces and variables in printing technologies. So while adding a laminate or coating can add layers of interest and function, it can also add a layer of complexity in terms of color matching.  Fortunately, our technology ensures the closest possible color match regardless of the construction, every time, with no variations.