Chief Commercial Officer

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
It would definitely be chicken. Fried, grilled, sautéed, baked, bar-b-qued – chicken cacciatore, lemon chicken, chicken parm, chicken and rice, chicken-k-bobs, chicken casserole, chicken gumbo, chicken sandwich, chicken tacos, chicken enchiladas, chicken soup, popcorn chicken, chicken tenders, chicken pot pie, chicken biryani, chicken and dumplings, stuffed chicken, chicken a la king, rotisserie chicken, chicken tamale, chicken cordon bleu, chicken fajita, French onion chicken, chicken hoagie, jerk chicken, Caprese chicken, Asian chicken, ……. I think you get the idea.
What’s your secret skill?
My secret skill? Not sure if it is a skill, but I have had the pleasure of “playing the spoons” with a couple Nashville guys that play with Zac Brown Band and Tracy Lawrence. At least I was able to keep the rhythm with a steady beat.
If you were a laminate, which would you be, and why?
I think I would be a hammered gold or silver metallic (if that exists, if not we can Make it). I like to fish, so the flash would remind me of being on the water.
What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of cool things over the years, so I’m certainly blessed. I don’t think I can define just one, but to name a few, many trips bowhunting in Illinois, going to the Masters, being on a King crab boat in the Nordic Sea, all outdoor things.
What do you like to make?
What do you like to make? My favorite thing to do at home, which satisfies my organizational tendencies, is to sit in my boat and organize fishing tackle. Tireless pursuit for perfection for an upcoming trip! My tackle stays neat. The house, not so much.