Brian Berger


Chief Financial Officer

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
I’m nuts about nuts! My wife makes an addictive spiced roasted nut mixture, and I eat them all day long (as some of you may have heard while on the phone with me, and I’ve forgotten to press “mute”). To make up for my “nutty phone faux pas,” Layla has graciously volunteered to make several batches for me to give as holiday gifts for my Case Paper colleagues!
If you were a laminate, which would you be, and why?
l would be red, bright-colored film (to match my hair) with a professional pinstriped design, with a “dull” (accountant type) finish!
What’s your best travel story?
My wife and I were traveling from JFK to Zurich for a brief vacation, and midflight, we met a friendly Swiss businessman named Bernard, who jotted down his phone number on a Swiss Air cocktail napkin, encouraging us to call, something that my shy wife wouldn’t usually consider. However, the weather in Switzerland was cold and rainy, so rather than hang out at the hotel, I called, and he soon picked us up and brought us to his home to meet his extended family. We didn’t speak German, and they didn’t speak English, but everyone (including his elderly grandparents) were warm and welcoming. They treated us to a delicious fondue meal with lots of wine. It was an evening we’ll never forget. Danke, Bernard!
What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done?
Running NYC Marathon for the first time at age 50! Jogging through the streets of New York on a cool November morning amid 50,000 runners, live music, and throngs of cheering crowds was positively exhilarating. I have run other marathons since then, but nothing beats the first!
What do you like to make?
I can assemble and fix pretty much any toy (large or small) for my grandchildren. I put together their play kitchen, grocery carts, train set, and train table. My son is not super handy, so whenever I come visit, I’m greeted at the door by 2-year-old Jace who points to his playroom and says, “Bri-Bri fix!”