Thomas McDonough


Chief Operating Officer

If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
This is more difficult to answer than I thought as there is not much I don’t eat. So, if I had to pick, I would go with a chicken parmesan dinner (especially if it has pasta instead of the salad (oh, and don’t forget the garlic bread).
What’s your secret skill?
Well, forget sports since I broke both my arms at the same time playing basketball 25 years ago… So, I’d say my secret skill is landscaping and gardening. I worked in a garden/landscape center when I was young and I just took to it.
If you were a laminate, which would you be, and why?
If we were talking film laminates (which we will examine doing), I would be a transparent hologram on a rigid transparent film. It would have a lot going on, strong, and obviously transparent.
What’s your best travel story?
Oh boy… I have done quite a bit of travel, with quite a few stories. I have to think about “best” or most memorable categorizing as personal or work trips. Personal: Overall trip to Italy with my wife and a few friends. Business: When I was on the 23rd floor of an office building in Mexico City, Santa Fe District when a 7.1 earthquake hit in Sept of 2017, or when an engine gave out on a business trip to Australia and we had to emergency land in Brisbane instead of Sydney…I could keep going.
What do you like to make?
Restoring old/antique-ish items for everyday use. My wife and I have restored 1920’s furniture, a 1952 Seeburg jukebox that we saved and got working, along with an old slot machine, amongst other projects.